Schram Haus Ground Policy Icons


POLICY ON FAMILIES WITH CHILDREN:  If you have children with you during your visit, they must be closely supervised, disciplined, and we ask you to consider the length of time of your visit.  Please remember the Tap Room is NOT a play area for young children and the brewery is a private business (not a public park).  Our primary focus is providing a great beer experience for our 21+ guests and while we do our best to accommodate families and have spaces outdoors for families to visit and relax, please keep in mind the nature of our business is still a brewery. If appropriate behaviors can not be met for this environment, we ask you to make arrangements to keep children at home and/or keep visits with children brief.  Appropriate behaviors include: using indoor voices, not playing on the floor, not running around inside, not throwing balls/rocks/sticks, being anywhere on the property unattended, and limiting big groups of children where rambunctious and loud behaviors may occur, inside or outside. The Schram Family, our staff, and other visiting guests appreciate your understanding and cooperation in contributing to an enjoyable experience for all.

Dog Policy

Dogs are not allowed in the building. Dogs must be leashed, socialized, and cleaned-up after in these areas.  To be considerate to other visiting guests and neighbors, we do have a no bark policy.